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Biomedical Technology Research
Consulting Services
Prototyping Services

Research and Development

Incipian LLC is a privately held, development stage company located in Aliso Viejo, CA. We are focused on research and development of novel biomedical technologies for delivering better care to patients globally. Past and current R&D projects are listed below.

  • Novel Electrosurgical device for correction of tracheal stenosis
  • Novel Electrosurgical device for minimally invasive otoplasty
  • Laser-assisted septoplasty
  • Low-Cost Spectral Imaging Devices
  • Microspectrometer (in collaboration with SSI, Inc.)
  • UV fluorescence measurements of Cannabis
  • Wearable oximeters and motion sensors
  • Portable endoscopic systems

Consulting Services

We provide essential consulting services for startups in medical and high tech industries so you can focus on your product and business development.

  • Strategies for new product positioning and regulatory roadmaps for medical devices

  • New product development strategies

  • Grant writing for raising non-dilutive government funds (i.e. SBIRs from NIH, DoD, and NSF)

  • Human resources consulting for startups

    • Payroll accounting setup and management

    • Talent recruitment

    • Organizational development training

Prototyping Services

We provide custom 3D design and printing services using

  • FDM printers

  • LSA printers